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Thinking Clearly

There are several themes I am interested in: music, design, products, and a few more I’m not quite sure of.

Since 2012, I have become open to sharing ideas online – first on Twitter, and then on gharage.

I’m hoping to start something on this website. After starting a few paragraphs into James Clear’s Atomic Habits, I’ve decided I’ll start to write here quite often, even though I’d thought of doing so two years ago.

I don’t know which format this will take as there will be several themes I’ll write on, and new ones I might share. Not sure if I’ll start several automated newsletters, or just stick to the TinyLetter I’ve already created.

What I know is, I’ll have to commit to writing to this blog, at least once a week and keep it consistent. I’ve been intrigued by folks like Seth Godin who blogged daily for a couple of years.

I know writing makes one think clearly, and I hope to get my thoughts across more clearly each day.

See you soon.

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