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Hello, 2018

For so long, I’ve wanted to have my own website. It has taken me at least 5 years, since I first purchased the domain in 2013. Sometime even between then and now — I think last year — the domain expired, went dormant for about some 4 months, then I picked it up again.

That’s what happens when you have too many options. The thought of learning new frameworks to build your personal website is always tempting. Had thoughts from Node to Ember, to Rails, even installed a Jekyll website with Github Pages, and eventually settled on WordPress. I know, people say so much about WordPress. I just wanted to set up things once and for all, and be able to just write when I have to, without thinking about pushing via git, thinking about npm, etc. Just ‘plain ol’ PHP and MySQL’ still work just great.

I plan to spend a lot of my time this year, designing; something I want to get good at, for the future. Hence, I will work on my own theme for the website, soon, then add portions for the various projects I plan to work on this year, and the ones I have already worked on. It will also make it a lot easier to share files I just want to put out there.

Between sharing my learnings in faith, tech in Ghana/Africa, designing and UX/HCI, this will be my home, for a long time to come. So expect it all here; both personal and professional thoughts. It is my website! Cheers to 2018!

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