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A snippet from the project webiste,

DesignConf is a website which provides a directory of design conferences happening worldwide. The project was born first out of a question someone asked on Designer News, and second out of a crowdsourced Google Sheet Nuno Santos created.

Towards the end of 2018, someone asked if there was a directory for design conferences worldwide. Having noted there was none, I decided to go buy a domain, but was unable to at that moment. A couple of days later, I noticed that Nuno had crowdsourced the Google Sheet where conference speakers and teams had populated the sheet with data on the conferences.

I headed to create a website with that data via an API, and designed a first version. Mid-January 2019, I published the second version which is currently live, after which there have been even many more updates.

Even though there are not many design conferences in Ghana, where I am now, I could see the value of other designers worldwide having such a resource to go to, and that’s why I created the website which is live at

I will be writing a post about the process of the DesignConf project, stack, etc. and lessons learnt.