Hi, I’m Claude. I’m a designer. Most of the work I have done revolves around software, whether it’s designing websites or building software projects/startups. One thing that excites me is how data and design help us to understand business fully.

I self-taught into HCI and UXD earlier in 2013, and I’m looking to do some more work in that space, with my background in CS. I’m looking forward to opportunities that will provide avenues to learn about multi-disciplinary approaches to solving problems through HCI and its various applications.

My active work life started at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) in Ghana, where I worked on several projects, and eventually co-launched a crowdfunding platform for African creatives called Nim Street: think Etsy meets Kickstarter meets Pinterest. Eventually our startup failed because we couldn’t find a viable payments platform then, even though we had some customers who loved other parts of our product. We later pivoted but eventually shut down two years later. Great lessons learned, great times.

While I was at MEST, 2 other (southpaw) friends and I started a developer community DevCongress, which I’ve come to love very much. I’m happy we get to contribute to the lives of software developers, helping them to grow, and providing a place where they can share work-related and even home-related issues to become better in their work-life balance. We are currently close to 1400 members across Africa, mostly in Ghana. I’m excited about DevCongress.

I also started a tech blog gharage where I profile tech startups in Ghana, and talk about technology in Ghana, in general. Spinning off of that, I’m creating a hub for Ghanaian tech content called Gh Tech Roundup, an idea I find interesting.

In my day-to-day life, I started a web/digital shop where I build websites, and use tools to help clients advertise their businesses online, whether paid, or structured organic content building campaigns. My small business is called BoughtSpot. I’ve currently worked with over 40 clients on more than 50 projects since October 2014.

In the mean time, however, growing professionally through continuous education and/or a fulfilling work environment are my top priority to become well-versed in HCI. I’m looking forward to international opportunities accordingly.

I have long had a knack for numbers, arithmetic, and patterns. I’ve always enjoyed when business decisions have to be made through data, especially for clients’ websites and campaigns, and I really look forward to using Data Science/Analytics to augment my knowledge in HCI, and to have generally great and fulfilling career!

In my other life, I make music, play the piano and Clash Royale.

I have a wife Tinah, and a son Casper. No, we don’t have any pets, yet.

Thanks for reading about me.